Invitation of Nature (Mt. Hkakabo Razi-North Face ascent 31.08.2014)

The observation on ascent from North face of Mt. Hkakabo  Razi  , it all based on the SPOT device location updates  transmitted by ION team’s Spot device. All the information source by Mt.Hkakabo  Razi expedition team, and the screenshots credit to SPOT , GOOGLE MAP/ EARTH, there may be variations and errors in getting data from SPOT device with real time activities.


Topo Map of Mt. Hka Ka Bo Razi / Rock Type : Granite 5881 meters / UTM : 47 R 0356 750 E / 3134 150 N Copyright & Published by Ministry of Agri & Irra under Survey Dept. First Edition :2008. , Scale = 1:50,000 , Contor interval 20meters Complied 1:50,000 aerial foto (taken Dec03 to Mar04) Field completion done 2005./ UTM Zone: 47 / Spheroid :Everest1830 Projection : Universal Transverse Mercator Vertical Datum : MSL @ Kyaikkhami Horizontal Datum : MM datum 2000

 Today, 31 August 2014, ION team updated their SPOT device near Mt.Khakabo summit (at 31.08.2014 5pm) that  “they are near summit”. ION crew is now on their way down from  Mt. Hkakabo Razi. The coordinates of Mt.Khakabo Razi summit and summit team members details are not yet been updated by ION team. Probably the summit team members were Aung Myint Myat ( expedition leader ) , WayYanMin Thu & Myo Nyunt Than.  ( the ION team announced reached to Mt.Khakabo  summit at 31.08.2014 at evening 5:01 pm (Myanmar local time ), according to the facebook status update by ION page.

(Invitation of Nature – Mountaineering Team) ION climbing crew done  Mt. Hkakabo Razi North-face ascent route. It is the most challenging route. The Northern face of Mt. Hkakabo Razi covered mostly with rock and ice, the contour line are showing it is a very steep terrain which demand technical climbing skills on the GRANITE cliffs and hidden crevasses covered by snow.

Dahaun to BC KKbo

TaHunDam – Sham Ta Ra Camp –Na Ra Cham Camp – Ta Li Htu Camp ( trekking ) Ta Li Htu – HKBo Base Camp ( trekking/ Climbing )


The expedition team started offroading with 4×4 trucks from Putao on 31st of July 2014 (to  MaChanbaw a little town which is 14 miles away from Putao) , from there ION team hiked 12 miles , to Alanga village overnight there in Brief :

  • Putao-(Machanbaw) – Alanga village (4×4 + trek)  31 July 2014
  • Alanga – HtanGa village ( trekking )                       01 Aug 2014
  •   HtanGa(Naung Munn )                                         02 Aug 2014   ( Aug 3  collecting ration , layover @ Naung Munn)
  • Naung Munn – GarHtu                                            04 Aug 2014
  • GarHtu – GawleHtu ( trekking )                              05 Aug 2014
  • GawleHtu – PanNannDin ( trekking )                      06 Aug 2014
  • PanNannDin – NgaWa ( trekking )                          07  Aug 2014
  •  NgaWa – WanSeeWan -Gawai ( trekking )            08 Aug 2014
  •  Gawai – Dazungdam ( trekking )                            09 Aug 2014
  • Dazungdam – TaLarr Htu ( trekking )                     10 Aug 2014
  • TaShuHtu ??
  •  Adunglong ??
  • TaLarr Htu  – TaHunDam ( trekking )                    14 Aug 2014 ( THE LAST VILLAGE )
  • TaHunDam – Sham Ta Ra Camp ( trekking )
  • Sham Ta Ra Camp –Na Ra Cham Camp ( trekking )
  • Na Ra Cham  Camp – Ta Li Htu  Camp ( trekking )
  • HKBo Base Camp  ( trekking/ Climbing )                  17 Aug 2014 ( HKBo BASE CAMP )

Since 14 Aug  the last SPOT update from Ta Haung Damm, there’s no location update for 15/16 Aug from ION SPOT device.  The Team reported from base camp, reaching there at  17 Aug 2014 with the SPOT device from base camp.

  • 18/19/20 Aug 2014         HKBo-BC Base Camp ( acclimatizing . climbing preparation )
  • 21 Aug 2014                   HKBo-ABC  Adv Base Camp 13221 ft    /  4030 m
  • 22/23 Aug 2014             Camp  1  15748 ft / 4800m
  • 24/25 Aug 2014             Camp 2 16076 ft (26th -7:18am) local time in Myanmar.  /  4890 m
  • 26/27 Aug 2014             Camp 3 16404 ft (4:00pm)   5010m
  • 28/29 Aug 2014             Camp 4 17322 ft (6:42 pm)   5290 m
  • 30   Aug 2014                Camp 5 17979 ft  (6:09 pm )  5480m
  • 31   Aug 2014                Camp 7/8/summitcamp ( Spot message :Near Summit 18996 ft  / 5790m (4:42pm)

 31 August 2014 5pm

Mt.Hkakabo Razi summited by Invitation of Nature , Hiking & Mountaineering Association

About the team ION ( Invitation of Nature )

Invitation of Nature is a private foundation founded in 2012 led by Retired Associate Professor U Myo Thant and University Alumnus. Saya U Myo Thant used to be the secretary of Myanmar Hiking Federation as well as president for Myanmar Universities Hiking and Mountaineering for years, the team members & management were based on Universities Hiking Team’s body, carrying out and maintaining the annual activities of Universities Hiking team’s trips and events by helping the universities all around Myanmar, following & trying to fulfil “Myanmar Federations” Principles and Objectives.

Most of the team members are Alumni from universities all over Myanmar, mainly the core members from YANGON UNIVERSITY ( and other universities in Yangon area). ION team implementing  3 main objective thought their activities ( Mountaineering , Environmental Conservation & Humanitarian Aid). The team organize hiking training trips, Mountaineering Expeditions , and also organizing the Humanitarian Aid & Health Care programs for villages in remote area, few joint project has been done for Birding and Wildlife survey with INGO/LNGO Environmental organizations.


တကၠသုိလ္မ်ားေျခလ်င္ႏွင့္ ေတာင္တက္အသင္း – သဘာ၀ေခၚသံေဖာင္ေဒးရွင္း ( Logo in Myanmar Language )


The Invitation Of Nature Hiking & Mountaineering Association

In 2012 November, ( Invitation of Nature ) team did Mt. HkaKaBo Razi base camp  trip led by Saya Myo and six students, which is 175 mile hike to there.  ION team gathered the all the information before this climb ( HKBo summit attempt 2014 AUGUST).  The team prepared and trained for the summit attempt for two year, started training Rock Climbing and rapelling techniques, as well as weekly training and a lot of Hiking Trips including 2014 April training at Mt.HabaShan (5396m in China).

Let’s check more details of NorthFace ascent route by ION team

I think the team spent enough days at base camp for acclimatizing for 3 days from 18 to 20 Aug 2014 and they will also have a good time for climbing preparation. On 21 Aug 2014, ION SPOT device reported they are at Base Camp 2 (Advance Base Camp) at 13221 ft  /  4030 m. Then the hard climbing session going to start on the Granite / Ice mixed wall.

  • 22/23 Aug 2014             Camp  1  15748 ft / 4800m

Elevation gain from Advance Base Camp 4030m to Camp 1 is about 800 meters along the slightly steep terrain.


22/23 Aug 2014 Camp 1 15748 ft / 4800m

And the climbing team spend two days at Camp 2 16076 ft  4890 m  24/25 Aug 2014 .And before leaving Camp 2 , ION SPOT device update transmit the location as follow on early (26th -7:18am) in Myanmar local time. The elevation gain is about 90 meters. The contour and google earth images show the day looks like steep climb under hazard ( ice fall / Crevasses  )

  • 24/25 Aug 2014             Camp 2 16076 ft (26th -7:18am) local time in Myanmar.  /  4890 m
24 25

24/25 Aug 2014 Camp 2 16076 ft (26th -7:18am) local time in Myanmar. / 4890 m

  • 26/27 Aug 2014             Camp 3 16404 ft (4:00pm)   5010m

From Camp 2 to Camp 3 , elevation gain is about 110 meters


26/27 Aug 2014 Camp 3 16404 ft (4:00pm) 5010m


28/29 Aug 2014 Camp 4 17322 ft (6:42 pm) 5290 m

30 aug

30 Aug 2014 Camp 5 17979 ft (6:09 pm ) 5480m

31 aug

31 Aug 2014 Camp 7/8/summitcamp ( Spot message :Near Summit 18996 ft / 5790m (4:42pm)


Google Earth Image generated according to SPOT locations updated by ION climbing crew Credit : U Win KO #ION

Conclusion :

31 August 2014 (SUNDAY ) will become one of the Historic Day for Myanmar Mountaineering community.All Myanmar climbing team , successfully ascended the one of the Highest and most challenging mountain in Southeast Asia.

SPOT location updates for the descending route are more and more interesting.

Mt.HkaKaBo descending routes are more dangerous than the ascending, terrain can be expect a lot hazard zones ( crevasses and hanging ice fall/avalanche potential etc. ).

Lets wish the team best of luck for the safe descending from HKBo.

(Update**** – 2 Myanmar Mountaineers – Aung Myin Myat and Wai Yan Min Thu went missing on HkakaBorazi. Million Dollar Rescue Mission is Funded by HTOO Foundation for Search & Rescue of two climbers in remote Hkakaborazi region. Unfortunately one Helicopter with 3 person on board from rescue mission crashed into forest during the mission. Out of 3  (Captain Aung Myat Toe) died during the mission “ShweYinTawGyi” & Thai Pilot “Mr. Chatchawal”  were survived.  Two Mountaineers never come back too.


route to KKbo

Putao – to – Hkakabo Razi route as seen from Google

sketch map

Sketch Map from BASE CAMP to the SUMMIT of KKBO by U Hla Htay.. 1996 Mt. Hkakabo Razi expedition by Japanese World class climber Ozaki

***( Recent Mt.Gamlang  Razi Expedition acquired the data of Gamlang Razi summit {known second highest summit in Myanmar}  , recorded as 5,870.084 meters claiming the Disputed Highest Mountain in Myanmar { the coordinates from the peak:Latitude: N 28 18’21.19907”      Longitude: E 97 28’04.64641”Mean Sea Level Height: 5870.084 meters (+/- 2 meters) } ,  the first and only ascent of Mt.Khakarborazi in 1996 has no  geo-reference record as Ozaki & Nama summited without GPS equipment

  • Hkakabo Razi height was described as 5881 meters , which figure established in 1925 by British Colonial Survey
  • Harvard Map Library described Mt.Hkakabo Razi as 5758m and 1945 American & Russian Topographic Photo survey claims GamlangRazi is 90 feet higher than Hkakabo
  • The discussion topic for “Highest Mountain in Myanmar Answer” is not clear yet ,which is the highest mountain in Myanmar and there will be no correct answer until next summiting record with geo-reference record of Mt.Hkakabo Razi or either land surveying in the region ”

 General Information about Mt. Hkakabo Razi &  Hkakabo Razi  National Park

 Location & Environment:

It is located in “Khakaborazi National Park” in Naungmung Township of Kachin State. The nearest airport is Putao airport (which is 1127 miles from Rangoon/Yangon International Airport). The KKBo National Park widely spread out in an area of 1,472 square miles (3,810 km2) and it was established in 1996. The park surrounds the highest summits of southeast aisa including Hkakabo Razi, the highest peak in Burma. It is in the subalpine to alpine region and the approach to Base Camp is only by Hiking through thick jungles.

Climbing History of Mt. KhaKaBorazi

KhaKaBorazi has a long history of climbing attempts to its hidden summit, some of the climbing team didn’t even have a chance to see the summit because of the weather.

First attempt was in 1937 , over 70 year ago, by Kingdom Ward ,an English explorer, author botanist and plant collector.

Next expedition led by Col. Saw Myint Burmese Military (Yein Nwelt Parr) attempt in 1956 april.

Then in 1990s , there are two foreign climbing team’s proposed to climb Mt.Kakabo

  • Ozaki Family Expedition ( Led by Mr.Takashi Ozaki , world famous mountaineer )
  • France Team ( Led by Mr.Frank Charton )
  • Hitot Subashi University Mountaineering Club ( led by Mr. Tomatsu Nakamura )
  1. Ozaki Family Expedition was in 1995 January 10 to March 10 ( returned from RaSanDam camp which is 6 miles away from KKBO Base camp)  
  2. French Expedition took place in 1995 February 8 til March 12 ( returned from TahaungDamm, the last village of northern frontiers of Myanmar.
  3. Hitot Subashi University Mountaineering Club was also in 1995 February 10 til March 19 ( Madein village , KKBO climbing route finding expedition ).

Finally , in 1996 September 15 (3:12pm) two climbers, Japanese World Class climber Takashi Ozaki and local Myanmar/Tibetan Nyima Gyaltsen (aka”Aung Tse”; from TahungDamm) successfully summited Mt.KhaKaBOrazi.

After that, it took about 16 year of no climbing in the area until 2012 November, base camp trip by “Invitation of Nature” Universities Alumni Hiking Club and Environmental Foundation.

Climbing Permission

International Climbing teams need the climbing approval to climb KKBO, the climbing permit proposal needs to be submitted to “MYANMAR OLYMPIC COMMITTEE” via “ MYANMAR HIKING & MOUNTAINEERING FEDERATION” ( describing the Name of the Summit in Northern Myanmar , time of the year to climb, the approval letter from the Mountaineering Federation from respective country, number of Foreign Expedition Member, the brief climbing experience of each Expedition Member  , these information must be included in the Climbing Permit Proposal) .

Some Useful links :


Ozaki & Nama Gwaltsen @ the summit of Mt,KKBo (5881 m) 1996 September 15 (3:12 pm ) Mt.KhahaBo, roof of Southeast Asia & Myanmar Highest Summit (i would like to credit Takashi Ozaki & his Tripod) Photo Courtesy Ozaki Family : Special Thanks to Fredrique Gley Ozaki


Summit of Gamlang Razi 2013 September 7 Myanmar – American Friendship Expedition First Ascent From centre to clockwise, Climber Poe Pin, Mark Fisher, Eric Daft ( Teton Hd)’ , Andy Tyson, Chris Nance, Molly Loomis, @ summit of gamlang razi ( PHOTO CREDIT TO : MARK FISHER / FISHER CREATIVE )


Invitation of Nature 2012 Base Camp route finding trip Photo Courtesy of ION ( Invitation of Nature / credit to Aung Myint Myat)

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  1. Dr. Cunni Lingus says:

    SPOT transmission from “near summit” but no transmission FROM summit? How do you know team was successful? Many mountaineering teams have failed just 100m vertical from true summit. Good effort anyway.

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