Where to do Climbing in Yangon


This word used to be very unpopular among Myanmar people even for sporty & active junkies. ( Yes it was until few year back).  In 2012 there was a revolution and it’s start to grab public attention about climbing. Revolution was started by TCCM,Technical Climbing Club of Myanmar, founded by Burmese Climbers with the help of Saya Steve from States. It has been sowed it’s seed since 2008 here and there in Myanmar for proper rock climbing, in Mandalay and also in Yangon. Daredevils were finding vertical fun, hanging a rope off from cliffs and doing Top-rope climbing until first bolted routes are opened at Waterfall Hill, Mandalay by Steve & pre-TCCM Burmese gang in 2010. It now followed by Tyler’s and others several lines not less than 22 bolted routes ranging from 5.6/4b to 5.11c/6c+ alone in Mandalay Waterfall-hill . (Find more detail here : a great effort by Andrew putting all  topo together  http://www.mountainproject.com/v/mandalay/110276403 ).  Deedoke also holds Jan’s routes (unfinished lines – no topos avail yet) and one more  5.11d/7a newly bolted line in HpaAn, probably the hardest climbed route in Myanmar http://www.mountainproject.com/v/wounds-and-wins/110521690. And I am sure there will be so much more secret spots by Expat climbers who live and climb in Myanmar too ( who knows 🙂 ). Most of the rock are Lime Stones , and lots of Granite wall are waiting (few sandstone areas too are untouched).   

Such a long intro about MM-climbing hey !, it’s not abt climbing in Myanmar yet, so lets get back to the title of YANGON.


Myanmar country becoming more and more open to the world nowadays despite struggling with it’s so called democracy under regime. Luckily [or Unluckily] having international brands such as KFC in the heart of Yangon. Unlike KFC, there is no hundreds of people queuing for climbing in YANGON  😉 . But it’s interesting to see some of the business men are starting to invest in climbing, in various ways (one as part of the fitness gym and other as part of International School Family Fitness club). These commercial climbing facilities give opportunities for Yangoneers to expose a little bit more with Climbing sport tho they are not very proper and professional into this sport. (fair enough , coz Not a lot of people in Yangon are hunger and excited into climbing lifestyle )


Currently there are two commercial Climbing facilities in YANGON. One is at  Balance Fitness II  and another one is at DOREMI Family club both claim as FIRSTs in MYANMAR, BF2- describe themselves as Myanmar’s first rock climbing wall here at ‪#‎balancefitness‬ II on their page, and DOREMI claims First Bouldering Club in Myanmar.  

Location Details are as follow : 

Balance Fitness II

No. 103, the corner of University Avenue Road and Thanlwin Street,

Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar

   +95 1 539609

Mon – Sun : 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

(NOTE the operation hour of their wall are from 6am to 10am & 4pm to 10pm everyday )


( Photo Credit to Balance Fitness Facebook page )


PROS : Good view of climbing chicks though the glass. CONS : beware of people’s view if you wear running shorts 😛 ( viewer discretion recommended 😛 ) ( Photo Credit to Balance Fitness Facebook page )


This is my BIG NOPE about their anchoring system , they just go through the rope around the horizontal metal bar instead of an anchor point. ( Photo Credit to Balance Fitness Facebook page )

 Do-Re-Mi Family Club : “Family Fun Do-Re-Mi”
★ DOREMI Family club
☆ Marina Residence No 8 ,1st floor, Kaba Aye Pagoda rd, Mayangone Tsp,YANGON
☆ 09-9798474241,09-252177130,09-73013513,01-650651 (Ext 102,103) 650634 ask for Doremi

☆ doremifamilyclub2015@gmail.com doremifamilyclub@gmail.com

☆ Facebook page “ Family Fun Bouldering ”

Follow the links for Do-Re-Mi Do-Re-Mi video:


video still of DoReMi bouldering wall (Credit to Chelmo, Courtesy of DoReMi family club)


  • Balance Fitness 2 >> 20 USD per session ( including belayer/shoes/harness ) accessible without gym membership.
  • DoReMi >>  unknown yet


  • Balance Fitness 2 Provide this service for FITNESS PEOPLE as  :

Bored of your regular gym regime?, we have transparent wall to try out ” kind of deal.

  • DoReMi  woody boulder wall is nice and tidy, it’s Kingsize boulder mat does not stop me to impress (it has a grading system too) :
  • Balance Fitness 2 >> Beginners/Newbies , more for alternative Fitness scheme seekers
  • DoReMi >> from Beginners to Intermediate , and it could fit the bill for advance climbers too.

(only if i can rate by viewing their photos and feedback from my Yangoneers, I would rate  one star for BF2 & three star for DoReMi , out of FIVE STARS ) So far, I have never been to both places yet.   YOUR CHOICE 🙂


There’s another three star  Boulder wall in Yangon Yakin area by TCCM(again these folks). It’s a tiny little home wall. Let’s not get confused by who’s doing first at it, but these guys are started doing this home wall since 2013 December. Currently hosted by generous WinKo & Thuzar at AungZayYa Street, Yankin. For timings , you need to ring the host family beforehand +95973239737 / +959795710997 / +95973226070 .

  • There is NO ENTRY FEES ( but it’s overhanging wall with few jugs, more pinch-n-crimps are ready to kill n pump you out ).
  • Bolt Fund Donation Box is there and it’s Voluntary to drop some cash for your visit.

( Location : 16°49’38.77″N 96°10’35.93″E ,BaukHtaw, near ThanLann/Railroad) Find more detail here http://www.mountainproject.com/v/myanmar/110272805


Photo Courtesy ( TCCM https://www.facebook.com/climbmyanmar ) It’s an old Photo of the wall, it has been updated with more 100 climbing holds and DIY king size crash pad.

Yangon Boulder #tccm #yangon #yangon_boulder_project #burma #bouldering #buddies #gettinhighwithoutdrugs #climboclock https://instagram.com/p/yWfbw9yxka/

Yangon Boulder #tccm #yangon #yangon_boulder_project #burma #bouldering #buddies #gettinhighwithoutdrugs #climboclock https://instagram.com/p/yWfbw9yxka/

Here’s another issue, above 3 are all indoors in YANGON where you can do climbing or bouldering .

What about OUTDOORS ?  in YANGON ???

As you know, Yangon is completely flat, at it’s near the mouth of Hlaing & Yangon river, part of DELTA. Yangon’s highest hill is Singuttara Hill, which has become sacred after Shwedagon Pagoda was built over it. But it doesn’t stop YANGON climbing addicts. It’s all about creativity.  Some Bouldering junkies did disputed first ascents on RELOCATED BOULDERS scattered inside Kandawgyi park in the heart of the city. There are a lot of Buildering spots in Yangon too, recorded buildering sites are War Cemetary at Mingalardon, Singuttara park and a lot more building in towns. You can expend as much as you want depending on how crazy you can do and how good at your running from local Police.

Access to Kandawgyi Boulders >  obvious landmark is Utopia tower…… (enter the park from the gate near Bogyoke Bronze statue ) , there’s a wooden bridge link to small island, Boulders are there with the scene of Karaweik in the background )


GirlzPower #yangonboulders ( got some V2ish moves ) #goclimbarock KandawGyi (not yet sponsored by RedChilli)


tiny boulder , but dont underestimate this one move of heel hook belly flopoff exit. KanDawGyi Boulders


pockets anyone ? some climbing hooligans name this boulder problem as **Askhole** @ KanDawGyi Boulders


war memorial stones far inside. Buildering at it’s the gate near Khayaypin junction of mingalardon. Beware of Military Polices ( negotiable tho )


KanDawGyi Boulders


Arch traverse fun at Singuttara park (the man on the bridge be like – What the heck r u doing 😉 )

  • YANGON , checked
  • CLIMBING ,checked
  • INDOOR or OUTDOOR checked &

yes, everything is possible :

NOW it’s YOUR CHOICE ;).  and   CLIMB ON ! 




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3 Responses to Where to do Climbing in Yangon

  1. Hi, am from Doremi Family Club
    there are one wrong email address ….
    we are not using doremiamily@gmail.com.
    Up dated address are
    doremifamilyclub2015@gmail.com and doremifamilyclub@gmail.com
    And recently open our page at Facebook which up dated our programs …
    “Family Fun Bouldering”

  2. Hamed says:

    I am trying to find a guiding or climbing company in Myanmar in order to climb Mt. Hkakabo Razi.
    Any help is apprecited.

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