•  “Myanmar Everest Team 2016”

Chomolongma One Month Summary Report (26-March to 26-April. -2016)

 Myanmar Everest Team reformed with three climbers

  • WinKoKo,
  •  PyaePhyoAung and
  • NyiNyiAung

from TCCM ( Technical Climbing Club of Myanmar) sponsored by
*HTOO group of companies ,



*YAG(Yangon Airport Group),

*Htoo Housing and Property Development,

*Asian Wings Airways.
The team of “Climbing Trio started Myanmar Everest expedition from Yangon International Airport on 26-March and today mark as one month since its started from our mother land, Yangon, Myanmar.

  Please find our one month activity day by day as follow –

  • 26-03-16 Yangon to Bangkok
  • 27-03-16 Bangkok to Kathmandu (KTM) , welcomed by the Myanmar Embassy Representative, Councellar, Mr.YarzarMin and also the gentlemen from “Myanmar-Nepal Friendship Association”.

    Welcoming at Kathmandu Airport

  • 28-03-16 Kathmandu, Nepal. Myanmar Everest expedition team went and met H.E Mr.Lwin Oo (Ambassador of Myanmar Embassy Nepal), according to the invitation of Myanmar Embassy local time 11:00am in the morning. We also  met Hiro & Kazu – Japanese climbers who did Hkakaborazi in 2014-NHK expedition  , chatting abt KKBo route  possibilities.
  • 29-03-16 Kathmandu ,  hiking Jamacho peak 2078m  through Nagajun forest.
  •  30-03-16 Ktm – final shopping + gear check
  • 31-03-16 Ktm raining ( rest day )
  • 01-04-16 Ktm (Bodhnath temple)
  • 02-04-16 Lukla flight cancelled (visited to tattoo convention)
  • 03-04-16 Lukla landed, hike to Phakding(2652m)


Lukla to Phakding


  • 04-04-16 Phakding to Namche (3440m)
  • 05-04-16 Namche (acclimatize hike to 3880m Hotel Everst View and visited Khumjung village)
  • 06-04-16 Namche to Phortse (3810m)
  • 07-04-16 Phortse to Pangboche (3930m) Myanmar Everest team receive the blessing from LamaGeshe as part of the Tibetan culture and as an auspicious deeds.
  • 08-04-16 Pangboche to Dingboche (4410m)
  • 09-04-16 Dingboche (acclimatize hike to 5083m Nagajun peak)
  • 10-04-16 Dingboche to Lobuche (4910m)

With Jamling Tenzing Norgay with the background of AmaDablam at Dingboche

  • 11-04-16 Lobuche to EBC (5334m) **EBC-Day-1
  • 12-04-16 **EBC-Day-2 rest (visit SPCC and Everest+ER)
  • 13-04-16 **EBC-Day-3 rest (introducing with 4 Sherpa for Myanmar Team- Lopsang,Ngima,Urkan,Psang)

Sherpa Team & Myanmar Everest Climbers (L to R – NjimaTenzingSherpa, myself(NyiNyi) , PasangGaljenSherpa, WinKoKo, UrkenSherpa, PyaePhyoAung, LopsengSherpa at “Himalayan Ascent Camp” Everest basecamp )

  • 14-04-16 **EBC-Day-4 rest (Puja ceremony)

Puja Ceremony at EBC

  • 15-04-16 **EBC-Day-5 (Icefall and Ladder training)

Icefall Training at EBC

  • 16-04-16 **EBC-Day-6 rest
  • 17-04-16 **EBC-Day-7 (Khumbu Icefall half rotation) 00:30am weather check, 1am breakfast and 2am start from EBC , climbed halfway to Khumbu Icefall , back to EBC by 10am.

Rotation 1 – on Khumbu Icefall

  • 18-04-16 **EBC-Day-8 rest ( 2014 Avalanche memorial , Mourning & Rest Day at EBC)
  • 19-04-16 **EBC-Day-9 Acclimatize hike to Pumori high camp 5499m
  • 20-04-16 **EBC-Day-10 rest
  • 21-04-16 ***Camp-1 11:30pm weather check, 12:00midnight breakfast and 1am start from EBC , climbed Khumbu Icefall to Camp-1. Overnight at Camp-1.
  • 22-04-16 ***Touch Camp-2, overnight at Camp-1 ( 8:00am breakfast and start the hike from Camp-1 at 9am, touch C-2 at 1pm and return from Camp-2 , overnight at Camp-1.
  • 23-04-16 **EBC-Day-11, descending from Camp-1 after successful FirstRotation to C-2. Reach to EBC from C-1 by 1pm.
  • 24-04-16 **EBC-Day-12 rest day

    Khumbu Icefall

  • 25-04-16 **EBC-Day-13 rest/hike around EBC (2015 Nepal Earthquake Anniversary resting day)
  • 26-04-16 **EBC-Day-14 (today)

Myanmar Everest team climbers are in good shape and spending 2week at EBC (Everest Base Camp) so far and as their progress, team have gained 6400m elevation and done rotations to Camp-2 and many times on Khumbu Icefall. Team is still going strong, energetic and motivated to hoist the Myanmar National Flag on top of the world. Currently Myanmar Everest team is resting at EBC, until 28-April, by 29-April Myanmar Everest Team Climbers will do the rotation to Camp-3 planning to acclimatize climb up to 7162m , to be ready for the final summit push which going to be in Mid-MAY (depend on the weather window).
Myanmar Everest team climbers, Ko WinKoKo , Ko PyaePhyoAung and author myself NyiNyi would like to thank to all sponsors and every citizen who support us by all means. We are staying fit both mentally and physically , maintaining our unity and strength to set our National Goal in near future representing Myanmar with the world class reward.

With Respect,

Climb O’Clock  (Doelone)


(Dispatch from EBC-Nepal local time 11:45am) 

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