Big Waves of Myanmar Youth on Local Mountains Ranges


MHMF trip to Mt.Sin(Elephant), KalawRegion, Shan State 17/7/2016 (Photo Credit-SuSu)

This month set some of the record on Hiking and Mountaineering trip in Myanmar by numbers of participants in trip. There are two Hiking trips carried out by two main hiking organizations in Myanmar, MHMF & MUHMA in the month of July 2016.

  • Shan Trip by MHMF (Myanmar Hiking & Mountaineering Federation )
  • Mon Trip by MUHMA ( Myanmar Universities Hiking & Mountaineering Association )

Group Photo of MUHMA 350+ Hikers in MON STATE. 17/7/2016  (Photo Credit-PyaeSone)

MHMF trip to “SHAN State” hiking to Mt.Sin(Elephant) 6020’feet from a small town Kalaw on 17th July and surrounding trekking Trails with beautiful Pine Hills.  There are total of 237 members  on MHMF Shan Trip in which most of the trip members are University Students, from Public Health University,  University of Medicine Yangon & Mandalay, MonYwa University, YaySinn Agricultural University and many more.

MUHMA trip to “MON State”, trekking along Taikkalar & KayLarTha range of Ancient Suvanabumi Mon state.      The team based at  WaiPonLa monastry  and hiking along the range and offering WASO ROBE to monks at the monasteries throughout the trail. ( The trip is also well known as “WAI PON LA trip” ).   This year 2016 with record breaking 350 members of WaiPonLa trip ( as the numbers are around 200 in the past years ). Most of the trip participants are from Universities such as YANGON University,University of Medicine Yangon,Nursing University Yangon, Dagon University, East Yangon University, Maubin University , Hpa-An University and so much more.

Nearly 600 Hikers ( which is not less than 587 members ) most of them are youths studying in Universities successfully made their footprints on local mountain ranges of MON STATE & SHAN STATE.   350+ participants on a single trip alone in Wai Pon La trip set the record as its’ peak figure of members in one trip alone.

As training trips like WaiPonLa by MUHMA & MHMF’s SHAN trip fruits a lot of potential hikers according to the previous records. Most of the first time joiners of Hiking through WaiPonLa or Shan trip later they carry this Hiking activity as part of their life as some even become professional in the field , and some become Significant and Iconic Climbers in the country.  A good example as PyaePhyoAung ( One of the Summiter of Mt.Everest and also Mt.GamlangRazi) was once the first time Hiking trip participant during 2005 WaiPonLa trip among hundreds of trip members.  Significant rise of the Hikers in Training Trips during these days can be expected for many more New Generation Hikers and Climbers who are competence and highly qualify outdoor sportsperson in the future.


Doelone – 18-July-2016 4:45pm


Students Raided  SHAN STATE 17/7/2016 ( MHMF trip to SinTaung Mt.Sin{Elephant} 6020ft (Photo Credit-SuSu)






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