About Author

Mingalarpar ………… ( Aloha…everyone ! )

I am “Nyi Nyi Aung”.

Doelone” is my nick name ( so feel free to call me Doelone or Nyi Nyi  ).

I was born in Myanmar and my Life was fannnnnntassstic, surrounded by cool people, lots of fresh air & fruits, but also with lack of resources, chaos and well-planned-disorders by Military Junta in my childhood. Pros is that these struggles polished my Coping strategy.

Childhood was amazing too as our family travel a lot. It opened my doors to expose the nature and different ethnic group within the country of 14 states with more than a hundred of tribes.


I was into Hiking , Bird-watching and Photography since the age of 6 mostly in Golden Rock area (KyaikHteeYoe Reserved Forest) as well as in Shwe Sat Taw wildlife reserve with family especially with my Father (which pretty much make me to feel myself as a young “NyindianaJones” )

In my youngster days, I studied Physics Degree, GIS Diploma and Psychology classes and worked for Child Rights in Myanmar, especially for Disaster Response, Family Reunification and Street Children Projects.   If I am not in the humanitarian field, I am always in my dirty boots somewhere in Hlawga trails Yangon or a remote snow-capped of Putao region of Kachin state, Northern Myanmar.  During both Humanitarian & Outdoor field, I’d listening a lot of music, playing guitar and singing with friends which are the good times. YUHM/MUHMA ( Myanmar Universities Hiking & Mountaineering Association) is one of  the biggest part of my life, studied n living in Innwa Hostel under Saya U Myo Thant (president of MUHMA), 24/7 actively involve into Hiking and group activities. Now, becoming office guy dealing with precise spreadsheets and PPE products. Also one of the NOLS alumni, done NOLS Mountaineering course in Indian Himalayas in 2014.

I was lucky to be a member of Myanmar Everest Expedition team 2016 with team ” TCCM ”  We were sponsored for Myanmar Everest Expedition (aka Myanmar Flag on Everest). 3 core TCCM climbers (Win Ko Ko, Pyae Phyo Aung & myself) did the historic expedition during 2016 Spring/Summer climbing season in Nepal. On 2016 May 19 , Pyae Phyo Aung & Win Ko Ko successfully summited Mt. Everest, became the first ascent of Myanmar Nationalities.

My publications are



I am  Currently living in UAE working for

  • Global Climbing LLC as an Sales Admin  in Dubai,  and also as
  •  Boulderer in Rock Republic during out of office hour.






With Saya U Myo Thant near Summit Camp of Mt. Saramayti  12315 ft, Sagaing Division, Naga Ranges, Myanmar. (Photo-AungMyoe-2009)


With Saya Steve, during early days of Rock Climbing in Myanmar, Mandalay-Waterfall Hill 2010.


Bouldering in UAE, RAK, THE CUBE V4.


Khumbu Icefall, Everest 2016


Everest Expedition 2016 with Pyae Phyo, Win Ko and Pasang Sherpa.


Myanmar Everest Expedition 2016, View of Lhotse Face and Everest Summit as seen before Camp-1



Nepal 2016


NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School ) Himalayan Mountaineering Course 2014 Garhwal Himalayas , India 


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